RT-AC66U B1 vs DSL-AC68U as an AIMesh node?

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Which would would you choose and why? I got both for a good price, but I want to keep one to use as an AIMesh node and sell the other.

The RT-AC66U B1 seems to be newer (despite the name) and have a slightly more powerful CPU and has various operation modes in case I ever want to repurpose it. However, it seems like the form factor is more conducive to overheating. And it does get really hot, I just set it up as a repeater and did a bit of browsing, nothing too heavy and I was the only client, then I touched the bottom of it and it was really hot. The place it'll sit might get dusty, so if those bottom vents can't breathe well... it could overheat. And it doesn't have a vertical stand like the RT-AC66U (non-B1). It also doesn't have removable/replaceable antennas.

I can't decide... which one is the more reliable unit long-term? Which would you choose and why?


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Not sure if you can use the DSL version as a node. I am running an AC66U_B1 as a main router on a mesh network with AC68U"s in a small office. I had used the AC66U_B1 for my home router for several years and it worked very well. I had it mounted to a wall held by a wire. Never had the AC66U_B1 overheat.


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Depends on what you pair them with, and the ISP speeds you expect while they're in use.

If you can afford to buy an RT-AC86U after selling both, I would.

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Thank you for the input, I ended up keeping both and using them as AIMesh nodes... 1 more node couldn't hurt.

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