RT-AC66U B1 wan not connecting to the internet after manual reboot


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Just installed the latest merlin, whenever i reboot the router, it will not connect to the internet (pppoe), i am not rebooting the pppoe modem(!).
After a while the typical asus "Recconnecting to the Internet" will appear on a new tab but nothing happens besides that.
If i go to "wan" and hit apply on the bottom of the page, it will connect.
If this is a feature, i am concerned if there is a blackout and i am not at home to access the gui locally.
What i did: nvram erase before and after flash, flashed latest merlin, set up pppoe (generic stuff, i'll add a ss).
What i'd not like to do (in case if it's still a feature): to add a ups or reconfigure it from scratch (as it takes almost a day and i haven't set any weird stuff what i wouldn't on the official rom).
I was considering merlin for the snmp, smb v2 and the better openvpn but this is a no go like this, the official rom reconnects after a reboot.
Thank you in advance.


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