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RT-AC66U dual WAN, secondary shows "cold standby"

Discussion in 'ASUS N Routers & Adapters' started by MOGMAN, Jun 17, 2018.


    MOGMAN New Around Here

    Jun 17, 2018
    I have been using dual WAN fail over mode for a while on this router and has worked fine.
    My primary ISP went down for two days this week and it would not switch, the secondary shows "cold standby" I am pretty sure it had said "hot standby" before, I switched the secondary into the WAN port and it worked fine but of course had to switch it back when the primary ISP became available again, and now the secondary still says "cold standby"
    The only thing I can think of is I had done a firmware upgrade not too long ago, checked and it is running the last issued firmware.
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