RT-AC66U - Setting Up NVR

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New Around Here
Hi all, fairly amateur amount of network knowledge here but a quick learner.

A friend of mine recently purchased a cheap Chinese security camera setup with wireless IP cameras and an NVR to go along with them. He setup the cameras and NVR himself, which works perfectly fine, but he also used a wired connection from the NVR to the router to give it access to both the local intranet and internet. I don't like that from a security point of view.

Unfortunately my first 2 ideas don't work, which were creating a VLAN or a wired guest network. So I'm going to have to create a wireless guest network for the NVR and restrict it's access to the intranet. I'm also going to setup QOS and have the NVR be the absolute lowest priority traffic because he's a very heavy video streamer and in the past had insufficient bandwith on an older router to stream video content and a different set of security cameras at the same time without serious issues and with the brand new NVIDIA Shield Pro I set him up with, I don't want that happening again.

Now onto the IP cameras and the NVR itself. My understanding of how that works is that the NVR creates it's own WiFi network for the wireless IP cameras to connect to. I have to see if I can find the SSID for that network and see what kind of security it has, I'm betting it's probably an open network with a hidden SSID and anybody that connects to it can probably view the cameras simply by connecting to their IP address. I'm sure there are setting on the NVR to fix that but that's something my friend would never even be able to attempt to change.

I then wonder about the app on his phone, how it works, is he connecting to some random server which the NVR has also connected to and all the video and information is routed through that? That seems likely as he can access the cameras anywhere with an internet connection, not just connected to his network. But maybe there's another way I'm not thinking of right now, it is 2AM and I've been up since 5:30AM.

Finally, I'd like to setup some firewall rules that stop the NVR from communicating with anything but the absolutely necessary connections.

Is my thinking sound on this? Is there anything I'm forgetting or just completely misunderstanding? I've never dealt with something like this before but have done bits and pieces of it for separate things in the past.

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