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Solved RT-AC68 NVRAM free up space

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Recevied a warning that NVRAM needed to free up space recommended restoring unit to factory settings? Checking if there is another solution? Resetting to factory default I am assuming I have to setup everything all over again? I am running a mesh system with a total of 3 RT-AC68U routers do I need to reset all the 3 to factory settings or only the main router?

You may find other solutions, but in practice, you will probably need to fully reset the router anyway (soon).

Remove all WAN, LAN, and USB devices from the main router. Perform the WPS reset indicated for your model below.

[Wireless] ASUS router Hard Factory Reset | Official Support | ASUS Global

Do not plug in any USB drive that was previously used with amtm and/or any scripts. Unless you do a full format on a PC to NTFS first. When plugged into the router again, set it up from scratch, with Ext4 w/journaling.

Do not plug in any Ethernet cables until you have fully reset the router, and secured it.

You can use Firefox to capture your settings and (manually) copy them to the fresh install.

Do not use any saved backup config file (it may work, but it may introduce further instabilities too).

The following may be helpful too.

Fully Reset / Best Practice Setup / More

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