RT-AC68R and Adaptive QOS

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New Around Here
Hey guys! Long time lurker, but only occasional poster. I've been running an AC66 and just recently scored a AC68R at Walmart on the cheap so I thought I'd try a stab at the adaptive QOS again with the new hardware.

I'm running stock firmware and everything seems okay except I can't figure out this Adaptive QOS. When I leave the bandwidth option at Automatic I get buffering and network slowdowns when I'm doing things that should be categorized as lower priority. Now I've set it manually and will be playing with it. I get about 60Mbps down and 5Mbps up, so is setting my limits a little lower than my maximum throughput the way to go about this?

I'm experimenting with 56 down and 4 up set in the QOS tab to see if that helps. Also, why would one want to set the limits lower than your actual speed? Does QOS only kick in when it hits that max throughput, does it then limit certain apps to a percentage of that throughput? Does anyone really know?

Anyhow, hope you guys are all well and thanks for all the information throughout the years!

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