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RT-AC68U 384.10-beta2 - Problem with Triple VLAN and pppd

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Hi all.

I have an RT-AC68U with merlin 384.10-beta2, before I test it with the 384.8 and the same error ocurs, its not a beta bug.

I put my company router, Mitrastar HGU in bridge mode, then I configure the Asus, and all works well.
But When I try to configure the triple VLAN setup to get Movistar IPTV and Movistar SIP I get a lot off errors and no connection.

I see this 3 error messages in the LOG:

miniupnpd[806]: Cannot get IP address for ext interface . Network is down
pppd[800]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets
apply redirect rules error!

Its curious because all works fine with no VLAN config, then, when I configure the VLAN the WAN port have the lights off and no connection .

Any idea?


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