RT-AC68u 5ghz issues and little performance decrease since update to 386.2

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I recently made a dirty update from 386.1_2 to 386.2 on my 68u. Since the update I am experiencing problems with my 5ghz band and also the web ui is loading a litte bit slower. I don't care much for the web ui, but the 5ghz issues are bothering me.

I have several devices which are not able to see the 5ghz band anymore while others still can. Devices which cannot see the 5ghz band anymore are my pc with an asus usb-ac68 wlan dongle and two raspberry pi 3 B+. My xiaomi 9se can still see the band or an amazon fire tv stick 4k still can too.

I already tried a factory reset (via the gui) on 386.2 which changed nothing. In the 386.2 release thread I read about other people also experiencing problems with the 5ghz band on other routers and they fixed there problems through a downgrade. So I reverted back to 386.1_2 but saw no changes/improvement.

I am unsure where to start to look deepter into this problem. Does the gui factory reset revert everything back or do I have to take some more steps?

Any help is appreciated.



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I was able to fix my problem by changing the channel from 132 to 44, made a connection on the clients and changed back to 132.


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Then set the channel manually. Never use auto channel.


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Then set the channel manually. Never use auto channel.
It was before.

With the raspberry pis I messed up. They are 3b v1.2... they don't support 5ghz -.-

But I couldn't find the reason why my desktop was not able to see the 5ghz on channel 132 (was using this channel for years). To get him back into 5ghz I had to switch to channel 44.... and after that he is connecting fine on channel 132...

Makes no sence to me.

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