RT-AC68U Buying and Merlin


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Hello SNB members
So I have decided to get RT-AC68U to replace the faulty TP-LINK C1200 router, and I have seen many owners installing merlin on it?
Since there are a lot of different HW revisions such as A1, B1, E1 ... etc.

I looked over documentation and found this in the Merlin changelog
386.5 (2-March-2022)
- NEW: Added support for the RT-AC68U V4. All
RT-AC68U models are using a combined
firmware file (like stock firmware),
with both firmware within the same file.


Does this mean all version of AC-68U is supported regardless of the region where the devices are purchased and randomised stock from the store?

Please let me know..



Asuswrt-Merlin dev
All RT-AC68U models are supported.

Asuswrt isn't region specific, Asus uses the same firmware for all regions.

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