RT-AC68U can't get past login screen after 386.1 update

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I just updated my RT-AC68U to 386.1 from 384.19. The router seems to works fine, SSH too, but I can't get past the login screen on the GUI via HTTP (I don't have HTTPS configured). I tried power cycling the router, no luck. Also tried "service restart_httpd" from SSH, and each time I do it I get back to the login screen but after entering the password I just get stuck on a blank page with the browser (Chrome) waiting for it to load. Tried Safari, also iPhone, same thing.

Any suggestions? First time I've had a real issue with Merlin.

Many thanks in advance!


New Around Here
Update: After a long wait, the page actually managed to load so the GUI seems to work now. Another thread mentioned issues with QoS (on older firmware) so I disabled mine just in case. Hopefully the issue will not return. In any case, it would be good to know if others have experienced this issue too. Cheers!

Butterfly Bones

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Note - #2
- NOTE: Some users upgrading might have to go through some
database maintenance on first boot, which means the
router might be slower or have a non-responsive webui
for a while.
This can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour,
depending on your model, just give it time to complete
the process.

Jack Yaz

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Sometime, I wonder why I bother writing these notes.
Sadly there are a lot of people that just don't read. They treat the forums as somewhere to just ask away rather than bother searching first.

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