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RT-AC68U Change wifi channel in repeater mode.

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John Bennett

Occasional Visitor
Hi, Have a couple of AC68Us connecting to a non-asus router in repeater mode.
Some of my devices appear to be having issues with the default 2.4G network channel.
How can I get into change the individual channels of the repeater? Can't find where this might be accessible for repeater.
Know it can be done in standard router mode...
You can't. Repeater mode simply repeats the wireless signal, including the Control Channel used (it can't do otherwise).

If you're able to use a wired backhaul and put the RT-AC68Us in AP mode, you will be able to.

I would reboot the router, nodes (use the GUI in the AiMesh tab), and any devices you're using to test with (if the simple change doesn't seem to register properly).
As it turns out, the whole reason for this was my DSL-AC68U router crapped itself... It was the power supply, so now have it up and running (anyone know where I can get a cheap 19V/2A power supply from??), and back to the old AIMesh config running.... Maybe this is why the setup has been a bit dodgy - power supply failing??
Will see how it goes...

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