RT-AC68U Configured as AP br0 interface not seeing WIFI

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I am working on setting up a Proximity script for my RT-AC68U (set to AP mode) to send REST commands to my Home Automation system, an ISY994i. Running the latest Merlin firmware. Ideally want this to run as "services-start"

if I run the command (found in the script)
"arp -i br0"
none of my WIFI devices are listed. Any way I can run a arp command to show my wifi devices so this script can tell when I'm home/away?

Above is the script.



Asuswrt-Merlin dev
wl -i eth1 assoclist
wl -i eth2 assoclist

arp isn't really useful because disconnected devices would still show up there.


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I will try that. If I did the "arping" command proactively in the shell, essentially waked the device and then the "arp" commend ran by the script would see the phones and tell the automation that they are home. Otherwise monitoring the script, it would just say the phones were not home after a certain amount of idle on each device.


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How can I run multiple scripts from "services-start"? I"m no Linux/BASH expert. Thanks in-advance!

I tried:

sh /jffs/scripts/wifi_check.sh
sh /jffs/scripts/ping.sh



sh ./wifi_check.sh
sh ./ping.sh

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