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[RT-AC68U] Debug spam in system log

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New Around Here
Hello. New here. Have been getting constant errors in my system log since upgrading to firmware manually and resetting the router and configuring settings. I'm using my router in default router mode and have WPS and both wireless radios disabled (I don't use wireless and have my devices wired directly to the router, via a gigabit switch). I'm seeing the following messages in the log, every 10 seconds:

11dpd[291]: unable to send packet on real device for eth1 : No buffer space available

11dpd[291]: unable to send packet on real device for eth2 : No buffer space available

I've been browsing the forums and have seen comments regarding this, stating that this can be ignored and it will be fixed in the next update. But this was identified in previous firmware versions and apparently still remains in later versions as seems to be the case with my situation. I'm assuming this is a direct result of having the wireless radios disabled.. At least from what I have found, as when I have them enabled, the messages cease. I was wondering if anyone has found a way around this without having to keep wireless enabled? Ive reached out to asus support but have only got the same response about it being a "debug message and doesnt affect functionality" and "sorry, ignore it".. Seems somewhat counter-productive as it renders logging (or at least viewing the log) useless from the GUI, due to the rate of the messages. Thanks for your time.
No one was able to find a workaround? Me either.. Oh well. I have an idea to resolve the issue but it will likely void the warranty. Baseball bats usually do..

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