Solved RT-AC68U further narrow down 2.4 GHz Professional to keep IOT device online

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To avoid an IOT device to disconnect and connect itself from 2.4 GHz many times a day, sometimes multiple times per hour I further narrowed down the 2.4 GHz Professional settings to below, the last I did was set "Enable WMM APSD" to Disable, a few other options I already set to Disable for other disconnect issues.
The 2.4 GHz wireless now seems to be stable, with only the expected disconnects and connects from devices that are really leaving or been shutdown and returning or be powered up.

Squall Leonhart

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How do you know what changes he needed to make for his devices? Have you been monitoring his internal network?

I know because its historically a shirt feature on 2.4G where it was jerryrigged into the spec instead of being designed into it,
I know because of experience.
I know, because it appears to irritate your sensitivities.

Try educating yourself on application and issues corresponding to particular device settings, eh.


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