RT-AC68U LAN DNS issue


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I've noticed one issue with current firmware (and the one before).

When setting DNS servers manually (WAN->DNS), static routes to DNS are defined using wan interface.
So this leaves no option to have a local DNS server which could be used by the router itself.
In firmware RT-AC68U_3.0.0.4_386_41634 it worked fine - no static routes.
Current firmware RT-AC68U_3.0.0.4_386_43137 - the static route is defined using external IP and external interface.

I've already reported this to Asus.


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Your router needs an external DNS server in WAN - DNS Server 1 and 2 in order to set the time on the router on boot. Your internal DNS server IP address goes in LAN - DHCP Server - DNS Server. I run my Pi-Hole like this with no issues. In fact, with recent Internet DNS failures I have the router set to one upstream resolver, Cloudflare, and the Pi--Hole set to Quad9. The chance that both are down at the same time is slim.

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