RT-AC68U Major Drama / Bricked :-)

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Hi Guys,

Well dramas galore with this router that I love so much.

Updated the router to latest Merlin Firmware - then was told to manually turn off / on at the end.

Well that was the last time my baby worked -


Power on - only USB2.0 lights up - without USB drive connected.
Wired LAN lights light up - whenever cable is connected.
Power Light, Wi-Fi, Internet, USB3.0 are all turned off (USB3.0 off even with Drive connected).

Have done factory default reset - reset button and WPS button options - Power Light does not flash.

Then tried the 30 / 30 / 30 reset option - again nothing.

Will be trying the "throw against the wall" option shortly :mad:.

Are there any other emergency reset options I am not aware of ??

Now before anybody gets offensive/defensive - I AM NOT BLAMING THE FIRMWARE - one of the reasons
I bought the ASUS router is because of my appreciation of RMerlin's Firmware over others.

The upgrade tells me it completed but somehow I think the router is maybe "confused".

Any thoughts ???


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Thanks for everyone's ideas and help.


Time for new router / hub ... With VPN ..


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I feel sorry for you, but this happened also to me some time ago with the AC68U: it looked bricked after firmware update. Only the power LED was flashing fast after power on.

Funny enough after some days I tried again and the router booted into the firmware!
I could do a factory reset, but when turned off/on the router to be sure it did not come back online - again fast flashing power LED and nothing else.

So, in my case it looks like a hardware fault - got a new AC87U and I was happy again.

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