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RT-AC68U Parental Controls Time Block set, but Kid can still use Wi-Fi

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I've set up two RT-AC68U routers as AIMesh wireless router and node with Ethernet backhaul.

I set up parental controls so that my son's devices have a weekday schedule of no wi-fi from 7pm to the next day at 4pm. Or at least, that's what I tried to do. The whole thing seems straightforward enough to set up. During the appropriate time block, on the ASUS interface network device list his device will show up with a little red exclamation mark near the globe icon, on his device will show the wi-fi icon in the top right with a little exclamation mark. But he will still be able to open up youtube and browse and watch videos. (it's a tablet that has no network besides our wi-fi) so I'm pretty confused as to why he can get any internet when I have things on either end seemingly saying "No Internet" - It seems like his videos might load more slowly, but I am confused as to why he gets any wi-fi at all.

any ideas about what is going on here? I've had a couple brainstorm ideas but really, the fact that the red icon on his device listing in the network interface appears when I've scheduled the block seems to indicate that the system at least *thinks* it is blocking his device according to the schedule I put in, so that kind of throws me.
Whatever the problem is this router is End-Of-Life now and no one is going to fix anything on it. I remember time schedule issues on this model with NAT acceleration enabled. If your ISP plan is under 250Mbps you can disable NAT acceleration in LAN, Switch Control and try again. The issue - the CPU can't process above this speed WAN-LAN traffic and the router will become less responsive if you have Trend Micro components enabled on top.
any ideas about what is going on here?
What firmware is the router(s) running?

If you haven't done so already, use the forum search feature. I seem to recall one or more earlier discussions on the parental controls time blocking feature not working right for some poeple. Maybe one of those earlier discussions has some suggestions or ideas.

But as Tech9 indicated, the RT-AC68U was end of life'd by Asus so if there is a bug in the stock Asus RT-AC68U firmware it likely won't ever be fixed.

One troubleshooting step is to take the AiMesh node(s) out of the picture and see if the issue persists. There are the other usual troubleshooting steps like hard factory reset the routers and do a basic configuration, no AiMesh, and then test.
Perhaps a Guest1 Network that syncs to all nodes can be scheduled.

Might be helpful to know if your running Stock or Merlin and which version. I'm running the latest Merlin with ethernet backhaul and I have devices connected to the aimesh node that are correctly being blocked.

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