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RT-AC68U Port Forwarding issue (port forwarding list)

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I have RT-AC68U with latest RMerlin firmware installed (384.8_2)
Not sure when it begun, but my port forwarding table (WAN - Virtual Server / Port Forwarding => Port Forwarding List) loses it's values from time to time now. I think it was broken in 384.7

Initially I had about 10 entities there. Now I can configure only 1-2 entities. Examples:

1) I'm adding ports 80,443 to (TCP) and 8123 to (TCP), press Save => It's ok. Then I'm adding 32350:32399 to (BOTH), pressing save => table is wiped
2) I'm adding 32350:32399 to, pressing save => It's ok. Then adding any other ports to any other IP => table is wiped
3) Adding all above at once, pressing save => table stays clear (nothing got saved)

Also with first example after some time port forwarding table is also wiped. I've set up remote logging, but do not see any issues in logs.

I have also another issue – OpenVPN server becomes unavailable after some period of time. I need to go to the OpenVPN config page and press save. Then I'm able to connect. May be that's somehow related. But the main issue is port forwarding table.

Any thoughts?
Log on to the router with SSH and issue the following command to find out what is using the most:

nvram show | awk '{print length(), $0 | "sort -n -r"}' | cut -d"=" -f 1 | head -n 20
Log on to the router with SSH and issue the following command to find out what is using the most:

nvram show | awk '{print length(), $0 | "sort -n -r"}' | cut -d"=" -f 1 | head -n 20

1510 sshd_authkeys
1089 sshd_hostkey
810 nc_setting_conf
624 sshd_dsskey
484 rc_support
465 client_info_tmp
449 qos_rulelist
418 custom_clientlist
386 dhcp_staticlist
338 sshd_ecdsakey
205 wl1_chansps
124 vts_rulelist
92 1:pa5ga2
92 1:pa5ga1
92 1:pa5ga0
77 bwdpi_app_rulelist
72 wollist
71 vpn_server2_ncp_ciphers
71 vpn_server1_ncp_ciphers
71 vpn_client5_ncp_ciphers

Weird that it does not look like 65 kilobytes in total. I've already removed couple of ssh keys, so now it's much better. Finally I can save my port forwarding rules. Seems like it's tome to do factory reset and reconfigure everytning (I've checked couple of topics in this forum and did not found better solution).

May be you can tell me which is the best way to perform "Full" reset clearing NVRAM and jffs? Or is there better solution for nvram space cleanup?
Yes it does look a bit strange. It's only the top 20 entries so it won't total 64KB, but even so... When I do it on my router there are half a dozen entries associated with a VPN client that combined consume over 7KB.

I think you're going to have to bite the bullet and do the factory reset and manual configure. I can't see any way around that.

EDIT: Your JFFS is not a problem.

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