RT-AC68U - Setting "USB Mode" to 3.0 causes USB 3.0 devices to not be recognized by the router's USB3 port

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I found 1 thread on this but it was very old and didn't have any answers so I am posting again.
NOTE: I am running the most recent firmware on my unit


I have a powered USB 3.0 external HDD hooked up to the USB 3 port on my RT-AC68U — when I switch the 'USB Mode' from 2.0 to 3.0, the router loses the ability to recognize it. The only way for me to switch the router USB mode back to 2.0 is to plug an old USB 2 thumb drive that I have into the USB 3 port (it is recognized which causes the the web browser to render the USB mode selection drop down menu). If I didn't have an old USB 2.0 stick I wouldn't have been able to get my HDD recognized at all again but it still isn't really a solution for the problem 'USB 3.0 not working' only a solution for 'USB 3.0 device not recognized'. If anybody has a solution for 'USB 3.0 not working' I would be very happy to hear it.


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You need to see what RMerlin has fixed in 386.3 Beta 1. It seems related to your issue.


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Update: I got my USB3 HDD to be recognized in USB3 Mode (for now... I'll update if it stops working again..) — here's how!

I saw the following solution: Disable the USB 3.0 Interference setting under Wireless -> Professional (2.4 GHz band)
However this option is not available on my firmware. What I ended up doing is disabling the 2.4 GHz band entirely.

This solution works for me as all my wireless devices can connect to 5 GHz

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