RT-AC68U slows down wifi over time and requires power cycling


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Have two of these. One is a mesh node of the other. The are for wifi access point. DHCP and NAT are handled by other hardware. Running stock software that is up to date. Wifi seems very flakey and causes lots of buffering with Firesticks for streaming. Today when I had trouble I checked wifi speed with my phone and got something like 0.05 Mbps speed. My wired connection was at least 50 Mbps. I found the notes on the recommended settings adjustments in the sticky and just did those. Have considered putting them on a timer and power cycling them every day in the very early morning whey they are not in use. Is that what I have to do to avoid this issue? I am also going to get wired network adapters for the firesticks. I am usually only streaming 1 thing at a time so I wouldn't expect much congestion but I do have a second wifi network so part of the issue may be interference. Looking for any advice...


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One thing I have seen discussed on here is the fact that some of the components of the AC68U have crappy soldering done and heating them up and cooling them down frequently can accelerate their demise. When power cycling them, that can enhance the rapid cooldown and heating up of those solder joints which can make your problem worse over time. Just something to consider.

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