RT-AC68U temp throttle limit

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Hi all just a quick question. I sit my router ontop of my PC which runs 24/7 at the moment and is quite toasty. At what point should I look at installing a fan behind the back of the router? Just want to know at what limit the cpu will begin to throttle roughly. Thanks.

Wade Coxon

Senior Member
It will throttle at 100 degrees C, but you would probably want to be looking at some sort of cooling solution if your temperatures are in the high 80s or 90s.

Wade Coxon

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Now the rt-ac86u had some quite specific temperature problems in the latest firmware series that pushed temps up 15 or so degrees. I don't believe that the same issues were present in the rc-ac68u though, but there might have still been a minor increase recently.

Based on that, I would say that any software fixes are out.

Firstly, I would move the router off the hot PC. That will be doing it no favours at all.
You can probably drop the temperature 10 degrees by just moving it to a nearby shelf, benchtop or desk. Or install a new shelf on the wall if one isn't readily available.

Secondly, you could check to make sure the cooling vents aren't clogged with dust.

And finally, I would look into a fan. A 5V USB powered fan would work, but you want to make sure you get one that won't be too noisy (a cheap one with a sleeve or ball bearing fan might be too loud).
Also keep in mind that forcing air throught the router will attract more dust which will need to be cleaned out periodically.

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