RT-AC68U WIFI issue after new ISP

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Hi! I have a strange issue that neither the ISP or ASUS have been able to solve for me and am looking for help before i purchase a new router.

I have been running a Netgear DM200 in bridge mode to my RT-AC68U for the past three years that has been very stable without issue. I recently decided (much regret) to try to save some dollars and switch to a new ISP and encountered a strange issue where my laptops/GFs iPhone/Xbox/PS5 could connect fine to the new network but anything running android software e.g. galaxy s20, samsung tv, chromecast couldn't connect at all. Thinking it was the new ISP after trying to troubleshoot with them I swapped back to my original ISP in the hopes of fixing the issue but alas it persists.

I have tried:
  • full line disconnection for hours and reconnection
  • factory resets on both modem and router
  • change of SSID on wifi networks
  • phone calls to ISP & ASUS to solve
  • change of channels
  • off/on of airtime fairness
  • upgrade of all firmware
  • hours of Googling without resolution
Anyone have any bright ideas?


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Samsung TV and Chromecast are not Android, your problem may be a DNS problem.

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