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RT-AC68U wireless performance

Discussion in 'ASUS AC Routers & Adapters' started by Stirling, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Stirling

    Stirling New Around Here

    Mar 14, 2018
    Trying to fine tune my setup to get decent performance which all stems from the need to use sharemouse over wifi which had caused me no end of grief with a lot of lag. Improved wifi speed would also improve my workflow dramatically.

    I have the router on the landing with a wired connection to a NAS where I store work files. I work from an office probably around 10-15 metres away at the opposite end of the corridor. I have an iMac and a PC both which connect to the 5Ghz network. I do have a spool of Cat5e to connect both computers which I have to wheel out when I have a project on with a tight deadline and can't afford to wait for everything over wifi.

    After a bit of digging around i realised that my data rates were pretty poor over the 5Ghz - around 200Mbps - so tried playing with channels to eliminate interference. Nothing seemed to work until I changed the firmware to the latest Merlin release. Perfect. Miraculously data rates are now reading anywhere between 500 and 700Mbps.

    Now, please correct me if I'm way off the mark but shouldn't that work out at a transfer rate of approx 60MB/s? If not slightly more? The maximum I've seen it get to when transferring a 500MB file from the NAS is 30MB/s but normally it's around 20.

    The USB wireless adapter I use on the PC isn't the greatest but claims to allow transfer rates up to 867Mbps so in theory shouldn't be the problem. (Though I just found out that the cradle it sits in isn't USB 3 as it states - plugging it directly into the USB 3 port is what got me to a transfer rate of 30MB/s.)

    I'm tempted to upgrade to something like the ASUS PCE-AC88. Would I just be throwing money away though?

    Hope that's enough info, any help gratefully received.