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RT-AC68U - Wireless router mode with Client Mode? (Connect router to AP while keeping NAT, etc)?


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Is it possible to connect my RT-AC68U (With AsusWRT-Merlin) to another AP (Just like a Wireless Repeater) while keeping the "Wireless router mode"? I want to keep a NATed subnet (With its own DHCP) that should not be accessible from outside, the "Wireless Repeater" mode doesn't fulfil that requirement. I don't have a physical cable to throw directly to the AP so I need my router to connect wirelessly. I could throw in another router acting as client in front of my Asus router, but given that my Asus router can perfectly act as Client (And I don't have a spare Client router at hand) it seems unnecessary.

Is there any way (Manual or hidden) to connect my Asus router to the AP while staying in the "Wireless router mode"?

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