RT-AC68U with fw 384.19_0 strange time zone issue


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Here is a weird one ..at least for me........
I could not modify any settings on the "System" tab under Administrator so I installed "NVRAM Save/Restore Utility for Asuswrt-Merlin" and backed-up the time zone settings in NVRAM


changed and restored with
nvram set time_zone="UTC8DST"
nvram set time_zone_dst="1"
nvram set time_zone_dstoff="M3.2.0/1,M11.1.0/1"
nvram set time_zone_x="UTC8DST,M3.2.0/1,M11.1.0/1"

now my clock is correct but the GUI reflects

GMT-12:00 Eniwetok,Kwajalein

i was attempting to change it to UTC/GMT -8 hours!!!!

any thoughts????????


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UTC8DST isn’t a valid option in the time zone database so it defaulted to the first one in the list. PST8DST would have worked.

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