RT-AC68U won’t update

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Hi there.
So I have an RT-AC68U and recently I’ve been having troubles with intermittent connection while running it in repeater mode to my Orbi system (as there is one room in my house that is a complete dead zone).
To try and solve this, I thought I’d try to update the firmware. I’m running version 384.6 and the first thing I tried to do is upload the most recent update, 384.19. The router UI accepts the file, and the percentage bar goes up, until it says completed. The page then refreshes but the firmware version number is still 384.6. I have tried rebooting, factory resetting and the version still stays the same. Naturally, I thought it might be too big of a gap to jump, so I tried simply upgrading to 384.7. That was a no go, with the exact same thing happening and no change to the firmware version. I even tried Asus’ most recent official firmware and couldn’t get anywhere (same results). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Pull out any USB drives you have attached before starting any firmware updates. After pulling them out do a reboot for good measure before attempting the update.


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Are you sure it is an RT-AC68U and not a converted TM-AC1900 ?

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