RT-AC86U + 2 Lyra (AiMesh) HELP NEEDED

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New Around Here
Hello everyone,

I recently purchased an ASUS RT-AC86U to "replace" my ISP own crappy router, and noticed this "new" tech AiMesh that i never heard of. I bought a couple of Lyra routers/nodes, and pair them with my main router. So far so good, but every now and then my wifi gets completely locked to a point that i have to turn off and on my main router again, and sometimes i get very unstable wifi network (connect to SSID but no internet, even if my router saying i have internet connection)...

After reading a bit more, i stumble upon this edited firmware from RMerlin. I decided to give it a try, and in fact it did help, but sometimes i get the locked/unresponsive router.

What i was thinking is if making the 2 Lyra's as Repeater's, with the same SSID and all the stuff as the AiMesh would actually help with this instability instead of using ASUS AiMesh configuration...

I would appreciate any help you guys could give me, since i'm a bit lost here :(


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Lyra is known to be troublesome.
Is it only router GUI you cant access, then you could reset GIU with SSH to router and command: service restart_httpd


New Around Here
That's... Unfortunate... So this configuration that i bought is not going to work?? :confused:

Not even the GUI :confused:.
Then, after reseting the Router (usually only the router is enough), i'm back online.

This doesn't happen every single day, but it's ocasionally enough to make me a bit frustrated...

The Router is on latest stable Merlin Firmware (384.13) and the Lyra's are on the latest ASUS official firmware (

I read some people who had more luck using these nodes as wifi repeater's and skipping the AiMesh configuration, but i really don't know how to properly configure this, since i'm not a network guru :(

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