RT-AC86U - I only achieve 90 Mbps DL w/wired connection on gigablast

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Dean Barney

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I have Cox Gigablast
When I go directly from my Cox approved modem to my pc with new ethernet cable, I achieve 800-900+ Mbps download speeds.

When I go from modem to RT-AC86U router to pc, I cannot get more than 90Mbps download speed.
RT-AC86U has most recent firmware Current Version :
There have been no "tweaks" made to the router settings. It's a standard setup.

Should this router not connect at gigablast speeds right out of the box?

Aside from purchasing a NEW router and testing it, is there a list of settings tweaks I need to ensure are in place for the router to achieve the normal/high speeds. Are these tweaks listed anywhere, are they "current" (I'm tired of nothing matching my router interface when it comes to checking this or that in the menus based on other forum posts). Do I have a bum modem?

Thank you.


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Try using different Ethernet cables. One of them may be operating at 100 Mbps.


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In addition to what @ColinTaylor suggests, what speedtest sites are you using? Do they all report the same range?

What speeds are you capable of when transferring a large file over the WiFi from a wired computer?

Did you unplug your modem for at least 15 to 20 minutes (an hour or more is ideal) before connecting and turning on your RT-AC86U?

If this is a cable service, it may need to be reset for the new router you want to use. :)

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