RT-AC86u OpenVPN Server User Limit

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How many concurrent connections can the OpenVPN server handle on the RT-AC86u? I'm looking to have up to 5 users connected to my router's VPN server at the same time and wanted to know if the router could handle it. Thanks.


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I suppose there's always a *practical* limit to anything, but I don't know of any hardcoded limit on the number of concurrent OpenVPN users. All depends on how much demand is created by those users as to whether any given number of concurrent users is too much. And being the performance from the perspective of the OpenVPN client is based on the upload side of your ISP, that's probably the more significant limiting factor, at least for most ppl. But based on purely the *number* of users and no other data, five isn't all that significant in my book.


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The router can handle above 200Mbps depending on the ISP speeds of both ends of the tunnel(s). So roughly, 40Mbps each. Can your users do what they need with ~40Mbps or less? Assuming your ISP up/down connection is at least 200Mbps or faster?

I don't think the number of users matters, in other words.

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