RT-AC86U Speed drops and fluctuates when downloading torrents


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Hi. Anytime any device on my network trys to download using a torrent client (tried several) the speed of torrents fluctuates dramatically but mostly stays at 100kbs or lower and affects the speed of all devices on network on wifi even though the torrent is going at low speeds of 100kbs.

Adaptive QoS - off
AI protection - off
traffic analyser - off
Game - all off
Airtime Fairness - disabled
not using AImesh

What else can I try? I'm guessing it's a wifi setting?


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We could debate the merits of using TCP versus UDP connections with torrent clients. Either should make no difference with router performance wired or WIFI.

Could the OP's ISP is bandwidth limiting the torrent connections? Many believe torrents are used only for illegal downloads which is far from true. I get a couple of new Linux distros to play with every week and I use the torrent function of my NAS to do the downloads. Now, I do limit the torrent bandwidth on my end as to not upset the other residents in my household and I let the torrent run for a day or so to serve the file to others.

AS for my router, I do use AiProtect and QOS which does not slow anything down. I also do not change the default WIFI settings in the WIFI/Professional Settings area. I do use Dual Band SmartConnect and turn off WPS. In WAN I disable UPnP.
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Either should make no difference with router performance wired or WIFI... I do use Dual Band SmartCOnnect

Using μTP connections in μTorrent/qBittorrent clients causes what @c0mpani0ncube described.

What is SmartCOnnect, the fruits and vegetables specialist guy? Is it Global Warming related? :D
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