RT-AC86U Unresponsive, Only Port 4 Lit - Official Error Code


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I have a 2018 RT-AC86U, working flawlessly then bricked, out of the blue with only port 4 dimly lit. Doing research I see this is a known issue. I am OOW and Asus quoted me $130 for repair. I only paid $100 for it brand new with some serious Newegg promos. I put my $130 toward a RT-AX86U that I lucked out on finding in stock, it should arrive in the next few weeks fingers crossed. I told them send me the old one back unrepaired but I'm upset. This is a known issue with this router and Asus offers nothing to rectify? Anyone figure out how to fix it DIY? For what it's worth or who it may help this is what Asus has listed as the exact error.
[IGZL06]2.4G LED Error​

If anyone manages to fix please let me know, I should be receiving my broken one back soon and it would be nice to add it to the AImesh once my AX86U arrives. Thanks.


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