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rt-ac86u: vlans how to do it?

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Fitz Mutch

Senior Member
Just trying to figure how to do vlans for the new RT-AC86U router. I'm making progress but still no cigar. There is no robocfg. Broadcom has a new programm called vlanctl. I want to use Ethernet port#4 on the router as a trunk for a managed switch with vlan14 as a guest network.

Test example
# Ethernet port#4 on the router is a trunk for a managed switch with vlan14
vlanctl --mcast --if-create-name eth1 vlan14
vlanctl --if eth1 --rx --tags 0 --set-rxif vlan14 --rule-append
vlanctl --if eth1 --tx --tags 0 --filter-txif vlan14 --rule-append
ifconfig vlan14 allmulti up

# how to delete it
ifconfig vlan14 allmulti down
vlanctl --if-delete vlan14

Lastly, on the new RT-AC86U, Ethernet port#4 is actually called "eth1" in the firmware, so beware the Ethernet ports are numbered backwards.
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I'm in the same boat. I recently bought the RT-AC86U and need to create a VLAN for guest network access for one of my wired lan ports. I used to be able to do this via robocfg. vlanctl documentation is very hard to understand.
Hmm, it seems that RT-AC86U does not have default vlan configuration.
So I guess we need make a default vlan to map all ports then separate each port for our needs.
I think it is too risky
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Digging up this older thread...
Did anyone get this to work? I'm interested in using my RT-AC86U as an Access Point and using VLANs to tag/isolate traffic.

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