RT-AC86U_386.3_2 Lost access to USB drive

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New Around Here

I'm not a pro a networking so if my questions or answers seem dysfunctional, plz bear with me ;)

I lost access to my USB drive on my Win 10 machine. I searched Hi and lo. I tried to reset the AI management and it doesn't follow all the steps stays stuck on step 2.
I finally found that it was the latest merlin update that caused the issue because i rolled back to 386.2_6 and all is OK.

Is there a setting that got messed up with the latest firmware update? Can it be fixed?

I don't know if I gave enough details, plz ask if that's the case.

Thanks for your patience. ;)


New Around Here
T'is I again,

I have tried to re upload the latest and firmware and lo and behold, access to my USB was not lost.
I don't know what happened or why, but now all is good.

Thanks for your patience. Great software :cool:

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