RT-AC87U Wifi drops internet connection randomly them reconnects

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Have a really irritating issue with my router. I'll be using my phone or tablet and get a message " Internet is not available with (SSID). The WiFi does not drop, signal is strong, and a few seconds later the page will load - most of the time. Happens on both bands with private SSID or Guest. Have rebooted any number of times, updated from original to Merlin firmware, problem persists.

All my hard wired connections are fine, never drop internet.

Is there a solution I'm missing?

Running Merlin 384.13_2 firmware.


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Welcome , the only thing you can try is a completely fresh install.

RT-AC87U uses Quantenna wireless and is known for these WiFi issues. You either get a very reliable router or a total PIA.

If you search around the forum from 2015 onwards you'll find plenty of posts/ threads/complaints.

I went through 4 of these before the retailer removed them from stock and I got an upgrade to a different model.

Links to WiFi help :



In newer routers, if you experience wireless stability issues then it's recommended that you disable the following options:
MU-MIMO (some hardware revisions have non-functional/unreliable implementations)
Airtime Fairness (causes connectivity issues for various devices, including wireless printers)
Universal Beamforming (non-standard, might cause compatibility issues with some clients)
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