RT-AC88U // 386.1_beta5 IPSEC VPN and Guest Wifi

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New Around Here
Hello all,
having had some issues with the upgrade to 361.1_betaX, I decided to reset to system defaults and start with a new configuration.

I observed three issues:
1. the vpn page for setting IPSEC vpns doesn't work. You can make entries, but the "OK" button does nothing. Also, it is not possible to add users. Tested with current Firefox and Chrome browser.
2. what obviously (for me) breaks "routing" (in a widest sense, see link above) completely is turning on guest wifi. This produces a new vlan 501. However, nothing works. I can not ping the WAN IP, nor any Internet IP. Cabled, wifi - doesn't matter.
3. cabled gigabit network speed is limited (even with TrendMicro functions turned off) to approx. 120 mbit downstream and 25 mbit upstream (while the speed test on the web interface gives nearly correct 400 down and 40 up).

If you have any ideas on how to troubleshoot that, feel free to give me a hint!

Kind regards,
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