RT-AC88U (386.3_2) - Odd packet loss/latency only affected iOS devices?


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Yesterday I had an Internet outage for about 30 minutes. I ended up rebooting my modem, but there the signals were bad so the Internet and TV kept going up and down. That was fixed.

Today at some point I noticed that a game I play on my iPad was having issues connecting and when it did connect, it was really sluggish at responding. I ran some ping tests on my iPad and I was getting wildly inconsistent ping times and packet loss. I was the same thing on my iPhone. I used a USB-C to Ethernet adapter on my iPad and it still had the same latency issues, which ruled out WiFi.

Oddly my MacBook Air didn't seem to have this problem, either on WiFi or Ethernet. What's even weirder, is that while my MacBook Air was doing rapid pings (ethernet or Wifi), my iPad and iPhone pings started worked normally. Once my MacBook Air stopped doing pings, the packet loss and odd latency issues returned on my iPhone and iPad.

I decided something was wrong with my router or modem and decided to reboot the modem and power the router off and on. That fixed all the weird latency issues I was seeing with my iOS devices.

I know sometimes things just get messed up, but I've never seen a network issue only affect 2 devices out of the dozens I have, especially when it wasn't WiFi related.

I'm fairly certain the outage yesterday was somehow related, but does anyone have any idea what happened?

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