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RT-AC88U - Firmware v386.11 does not allow connection to AC Infinity Controller 69 Pro

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With the update from 386.10 to 386.11, my AC Infinity Controller 69 Pro does not connect to 2.4 wifi (Yes, phone is connected to it via bluetooth and I'm on the 2.4 network). Confirmed by reverting to 386.10 = works, upgrading again to 386.11 = fail, hen revert 386.10 = works. Router is RT-AC88U. My password for the 2.4 has a space in it and the Controller uses some sort of Bluetooth to wifi magic (beyond my skill level to diagnose).

Any help would be greatly appreciated (please do not reply with remove the space from your password, that's an IoT nightmare). Anyone else experience this? Is it the space in the password? Or was something not noted in the Changelog modified that would cause this behavior?

My controller 69 connects. I haven't turned it on in a while but it connected and was on firmware 1.4.5. In the AC Infinity app I was prompted to update to firmware 1.4.9 and did that. It still connects. But mine is the 69 Wifi. I don't really see it listed on the site. Is the 69 Pro the original Wifi one that released last year? Mine has Wifi and BT. I was able to do the preorder and got the first round of them that were sent out. The model number on mine is CTR69X. On the AC Infinity site they have CTR69P for the Pro and CTR69A for the regular 69. Not sure where that puts the one I have.

Anyway I'm willing to accept there might be a different wifi chip in your model that is causing your problem, but have you at least temporarily tried to change the password to something without a space? If that works and you really don't want to change it for the rest of your devices you could at least know and set up a guest network if you need. Found this thread from a while back. Something to consider anyway.

edit: I'm also on on 386.11 on RT-AC88U. Also I looked up the difference between the models and it looks like mine doesn't have BT according to this:

It's weird because I specifically waited for the model that had both and jumped on the preorder when it happened. Anyway it doesn't matter because I only need the Wifi for it, but it does mean we have something different. Not sure if it matters. Good luck.
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