RT-AC88U running 384.19 (Merlin)

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Hi Everyone,

I have taken the router back to factory and re-created all settings yet I'm still seeing the same issue. I think it is a Trend Micro issue classifying web traffic but perhaps it is something else.

Single WIFI Router running off a DSL (cable) PPPoE
Mixture of iPhones, Macs and Windows 10 (Surfaces)

I have both of my daughters devices setup under AI Protection --> Parental control where I have Streaming ticked to block YouTube, Netflix etc. This used to work. Now YouTube isn't blocked. NetFlix is.

Interestingly what I've also noticed is that under Traffic Analyser --> Statistics this screen shows data usage and then also the App name and the data used. This shows NetFlix as a name and the amount of data. YouTube isn't listed. Based on the data volume that I"m seeing I think it is being classified as General or possibly Web File Transfer.

So I think the router itself (or the router is querying TM) isn't classifying the traffic correctly. ? Has anyone else seen this? Any advice?
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YouTube on Chrome is often classified as General/Untracked now due to Chrome’s use of QUIC (443/udp) instead of the usual recognizable port 443/tcp.


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I think if you want more control over QoS, you'll need to use one of the custom QoS options, as they either have the traffic quirks already reclassified and/or allow you more finer control over QoS. I haven't gone down this path myself though and just live with ASUS' Adaptive QoS implementation.

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