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RT-AX11000 with RT-AC68U mesh network

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I recently received my new RT-AX11000 wich will be my main router. My old RT-AC68U will be a mesh node.
I setup everything and all is working good but what i dont understand is that my AC68U node is connected with ethernet cable to my new AX11000 router. When i look in the interface it says that my second 5GHz band is used for backhaul to my node??
Why as i connected it with ethernet cable. So i cant use the second 5GHz band for my clients?
In screenshots attached you can see that my node is connected with cable but in second screenshot i have the message that my second 5GHz band is used for backhaul


So in short how come my node is connected at the same time with cable and wifi?

firmware bug - oh sorry feature, you cant do anything to get it back, only older firmwares could bring it back.
well known that last firmwares turns off 2nd 5G only to be used for mesh.

Strange thing my thoughts. Why are they writing on there site you can also use ethernet cable between router and node for backhaul for faster through output and stability?
Either way they shut of the 2nd 5G radio even when you use cable. Doesnt make sense

Because cable/LAN (full duplex) is faster than Wifi and more stable of course. Thats all true, not full truth but nothing incorrect, only missing ;)
Same here two AX11000 routers in AiMesh mode & Node is connected via ethernet cable but I don’t understand why this “5 GHz-2 is now used as dedicated WiFi backhaul under AiMesh mode’.
apart form this 5GHz-2 being disabled in mesh mode this router is performing very wel for me. also mesh is working great. No disconnects anymore when moving around the house. Signal on the 2.4GHz is fenominal compared to my previous router. vpn fusion is also working great for me. But hey for a 400€ router it should be hehe

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