RT-AX3000 shows disconnected after flashing router to Merlin Firmware. Using T-Mobile Home Internet.

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For context, since I have the RT-AX300, I use the RT-AX58U firmware that the Merlin team created. After flashing the firmware my connection to my Nokia Modem by T-Mobile shows disconnected. I am still able to access the internet, but sometime the connection stops and the ASUS router says that the network cable has been unplugged.

I got a few new cables and connected the router to the modem and there has been no change. It will ether say disconnected or unplugged but I am still able to connect to the internet most of the time and my speeds are improved over the stock firmware. Is there anyway to adjust the router so that it shows connected to the T-Mobile Home Internet Modem? Someone on the T-Mobile ISP subreddit suggested that it might be an NCSI issue and that the timeouts need to be adjusted?

Anyone have any suggestions? The GUI feels similar to the old one, but I'm not sure if there is a setting I can adjust to help with this or not.



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Go to Administration > System and disable both Network Monitoring options. See if that helps.
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After flashing to RMerlin, was a full reset to factory defaults performed?


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Looks like the full reset worked. Could have sworn I did that when I flashed the firmware, but I guess not.

Thanks for the info! It shows connected now. I check on it periodically to make sure it stays that way.

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