RT-AX3000, Wi-Fi and iPhone/iPad connection

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Has anyone else had issues with Wi-Fi when using iOs/iPADOS? I have an ax3000 configured as secondary router to a. FIOS G1100 as the primary. Objective is to a run a VPN client on ASUS so that devices logging into the ASUS can run under the VPN, those on the FIOS router not. Needs to be done this way since the FIOS router has no VPN capability. Main reason I selected this model is to run ASUSWRT-MERLIN and do split tunneling. Routers are on separate subnets.

The problem at this time is that devices on the ASUS Wi-Fi get very erratic connectivity - slow performance, intermittent connections and even drops when the VPN is not even turned on. Using Linux Wi-Fi analyzer shows no apparent signal strength problem at -28/-34db with channels set so there is little interference. just don’t know how to trace the issue further. Need some help.


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