RT-AX3000 with wifi range extender throttled connection

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Hi all, i know this might be an odd question. I have An atx-3000 running merlin, with skynet,flexqos and speedtest on it. I have a 32gb flash as the jfss drive.

I have an older smart TV that doesn't have 5gh, which is dumb, and i rent and can't really run more ethernet. I tried powerline adapters but the wiring here is hella old. Which left me to, dual band wifi range extenders.
I got one , set it up and it has an ehternet jack that i plugged into the TV. It worked for about a week.

Then tonight, all of the sudden it came to a screeching halt. I changed the control channel on the router and the extender, thinking maybe interference? No. I connected directly to the extender on my phone and it was also painfully slow, 50kbs~. Speedtest on the TV shows similar. I thought maybe something strange was happening with the extender and QOS throwing out the traffic or something? But QOS doesn't even show the extender device when i try to filter. I'm pretty certain it's in SW and not the hardware sucking or the location being bad because my upload speeds are what they should be at 3-5Mbps from the TV and the phone.

I know it's a stretch asking for too much that's not expressly merlin related. But anyone have any ideas, I'd be super grateful for any help.

Thanks so much!

Edit: Turned QoS off and i got similar results, so it's not that. Maybe the hardware IS borked? I need a wall for my head to slam into.
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i setup my old router in bridge mode, its working for now. Worried it'll repeat the cycle of the repeater. In theory aren't the two of them doing the same thing? Taking the 5g signal and repeating it? What makes the router better? Bigger and more robust hardware? If that's the case i guess i'll deal, was hoping for a smaller form factor but beggars can't be choosers.


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Bridge mode continues your network onto a Ethernet cable.

if you really want a repeater (I call them super repeaters) connect a bridge mode router to a router in client mode. Expensive, but supper fast at getting your Ethernet out further.

I have one supper repeater connected to a second super repeater... pinging the router goes from 4-5 ms to 14 at the farthest spot on the network.

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