RT-AX55 - Adaptive QOS and bandwidth limiter issue

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I have a problem with the QOS at the RT-AX55 router. It seems that Adaptive QOS does not work properly. Whatever speed I set for ISP bandwidth, the line is always used to the maximum in speed tests. This applies to both download and upload. I tried to set extremely low speeds (0.01 Mbps), but it has also no effect. In the DSLreports test, I always have the bufferbloat result F. So internet browsing and skype are unusable when uploading files.

It differs when I set classic QOS. Then the bandwidth limit works according to the set values and the result on DSLreports is B. I have the latest firmware version I also tried a factory reset, but nothing helped. The line is slow (20/2 Mbps), but it's enough for web surfing and I'm afraid that even 50/5 wouldn't help much if the router completely ignores the set bandwidths.

I have worse results with adaptive QOS than I had with the simple D-Link DIR 605l. I bought this router because of adaptive QOS to prefer web surfing over file transfer. Not sure if I am setting something wrong or if the router has a bug in firmware. I read about similar issues in other threads, but it was about another models.

Can anyone help?

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