RT-AX56U Link Aggregation Enable

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What are you linking it to?


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A managed dlink dgs-1210-28p. It supports lacp. And I also have a synology rs2414+ currently lacp'd to the switch.


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Sure, but can merlin do it? I like the extra features. I know there is a link aggregation script that I downloaded, but I have no clue how to use it. I also know that there are nvram commands that I can force, but I don't know my exact ports. (I'm thinking they are 1+2)


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The only link aggregation script I'm aware of was written for the older platform, as used by models like the RT-AC68U. The RT-AX56U uses a completely different platform (HND) so the script would have to converted to that. I'm not aware of anybody having done that.

I'd still contact Asus in the first instance just in case there's some technical limitation which means it's not possible. It could save you many hours of work trying to write your own script. They might even have a beta firmware for you to try.

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