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RT-AX56U V6 PLUS(Japan) map-e port mismatch problem?

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Some ISPs in Japan use a convoluted solution to deliver IPv4 over IPv6 called V6Plus. I have the RT-AX56U which has an option for V6 but when this is selected you get a MAP-E port mismatch error or a Map server did not reply response. So I'm stuck on the much slower PPPoE connection. Is there some way to fix or patch this? Because it sounds like this can be fixed/patched. Im not sure if ASUS care as the last firmware update was in the middle of last year.
Are you on NTT East via Hikari FLETS? Connection drops on [MAP-E] Rule invalid error?

I've actually been chatting with their tech support about this exact issue for the last month or so – I had the same issue with my AX-86U. They released a new FW yesterday for the AX-86U that supposedly fixes this ( I've only been running on it for the last 12hrs or so I can't say that it definitively fixes the issue. Maybe there's a fresh FW for the 56U as well?

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