RT-AX58U and USB-tether one working one not.


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I have tested usb tether with router rt-ax58u and with Huawei P30 pro and Xiaomi T11 Pro and only Huaweien worked.
Seems to lack some driver.
Anyone who has also tried ush theter? And have any tips.

Huawei P30 Pro working config

Xiaomi 11T Pro Not working


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No tips but I believe USB tethering is dependent on the phone with not alot we can do to change that.

I also have a AX58U with 2 Android phones, One is a Oneplus 8 with android 11 and doesn't work.

The other is a Oneplus 5 with android 10 which does work and I use that as a backup device should the main inet go down.

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