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RT-AX58U Dual WAN - Shows Connected Even When Fiber Not Connected

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I have an RT -AX58U running 382.2_2 (but this prob existed with 382.1, as well) with a dual WAN setup that has two problems:

1) Whether verifying connectivity ping, DNS, or both, one of my connections shows "Connected" even though the fiber on that media-converter isn't connected to anything at all.
2) The router is prioritizing this bad connection even when it's set to the secondary connection, and the primary has a legitimately working connection.

What's odd is that all worked well initially. A fiber was cut and my connection fell to the secondary connection. Hours later, however, I had no connection because for some reason the router went back to the connection with the cut fiber. I flipped which was primary and which was secondary (as a temp fix) only to find that not only did it still think the WAN with cut fiber was connected, but also, it preferred it over the other WAN which works.

I searched but didn't find this as a known bug. Any insights/ideas?

*Edit: Found someone with a similar issue. Not opposed to trying a third party solution here, but seems so strange.
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I searched but didn't find this as a known bug. Any insights/ideas?

Dual WAN is more for advertisement purposes. It's not working properly.


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