Release RT-AX58U Firmware. 384.10177 (11-26-2020)

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Version 2020/11/26 68.15 MBytes
ASUS RT-AX58U Firmware version
- Fix IPTV issues for specific regions.
- Update language support list for specific regions.
- Improve system stability.
- Minor GUI bug fixes.


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Pass! :)


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A strange thing happened with my Sonos system after installing this update. A few of my speakers wouldn't work. I tried everything from rebooting the router to resetting my speakers but nothing worked until I reverted back to the previous firmware.


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On this firmware version, the signal level on WiFi 5G dropped dramatically.
Not the case here 5 GHz signal is the same as any other firmware nothing has changed. Did you do a factory reset after install ?


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Download and flash it the same way you upgraded.

But before doing that, it may be worthwhile doing a full reset to factory defaults to really test the new firmware properly first. Do not use a saved backup file after resetting.


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Im having issues with this same build. I didnt have issues with 5.0 performance before but now i have interruptions and drops. Today wifi has dropped as in all my devices lost connection twice today. I will try rolling back to see if some issues are resolved. This is on a AX-3000 from BestBuy.

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