RT-AX58U not forwarding IPv6 RA in AP Mode

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I am using an ASUS RT-AX58U in AP mode (NOT router mode) with Asuswrt-Merlin 386.3_2. In this configuration, the AP does not forward IPv6 router advertisements to WiFi clients from IPv6 routers on the same layer 2 network. With any other WiFi APs (e.g. Linksys, Ubiquiti, Devolo) connected to the same layer 2 network, IPv6 RAs are forwarded to the WiFi clients.

My AP is connected to the Ethernet via either the WAN Port or any LAN port on the RT-AX58U ... no matter which port I am using, IPv6 RAs are not forwarded to my WiFi clients. With Wireshark on the ethernet, I see the router advertisements beeing sent to
IPv6mcast_01 (33:33:00:00:00:01)

Is there a way to configure the ASUS RT-AX58U in AP mode to forward the router advertisements to the WLAN clients?

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