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RT-AX58U QOS Web History

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Hello, I am a newbie and not familiar with networking very much. I have an RT-AX58U and the QOS Web History is not updating. It was working, then my son who is trying to circumvent me did stuff and then it wasn't updating. He swears he doesn't know why, but he's smart enough to ARP Spoof me and get the router password, so I know that's BS.

QOS is on. I disabled the DNS Server he set up by deleting the IP, blocked the devices, or unplugged them at least. Not sure what else would impact the web history? I looked at the System Log, and of course it was cleared so when it's not showing any logged events on the last day that web history was working.

Having issues with parental controls in the house. Would like to at least learn something and figure this out. He will probably figure out something in which case my last alternative, although just about their, is literally taking everything away, including routers, etc.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
parental control is not easy subject and if you do not have much experience with "network" I would advice to move to Synology router https://www.synology.com/en-global/srm/feature/device_content_control
Interesting this looks great and I will research it. My concern is that it is not expert proof. I would consider my kid an expert at this point. He is incredibly knowledgeable and if there is a way to circumvent this router I have no doubt he will figure it out.
When your kid is smarter than you, don't take things like the internet away. Instead, give him the keys to it (literally, give him control of your router), talk to him, and express your wishes and concerns, then trust that he will do the right thing, at least in regard to law and keeping the rest of the family secure from online threats. Because in any event, he will (do as he wishes) anyway.

This way, there is hope he may rise (and exceed) your expectations for him, rather than making you the target of his knowledge, with which he will surely be unable to simply show his 'power' with.

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